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LOW CROCK H-10-CONC - A synthetic SBR-type low crock for binding pigment prints. This binder provides excellent fastness to laundering and a very desirable softness of hand.

LOW CROCK ANP-2 A soft binder for screen printing and pigment pad dyeing.

ECCOBOND W-7630 - a urethane based psuedo-selvage that is used to replace natural latex on elasticized medical tapes and "ace" type bandages.

ECCO LOW CROCK 5990 - An excellent pigment binder for rotary and machine screen printing to give durable, soft prints with outstanding wet and dry crock resistance.

ECCO LOW CROCK NCN 313-524 A very soft, anti-crocking agent and printing binder for textile printing and finishing. This material is film forming, and locks in the pigment colors of textile printing formulations with a tough, flexible film resulting in maximum wash fastness and crock resistance. ECCO LOW CROCK NCN 313-524 is especially suited for foamy applications as it maintains a stable foam.

ECCO RESIN M907 - A high solids, very soft,  self-crosslinking modified acrylic copolymer binder for pigment pad dyeing, screen printing and finishing. 

ECCO RESIN BINDER 4501 - An modified vinyl acrylic resin emulsion, providing excellent binding and finishing for narrow fabrics and broad goods. It gives good durability and a very firm hand.

ECCO SIZING H-601 – Liquid cooked starch based textile sizing compound.

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