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CATALYST RD LIQUID This material is a buffered, inorganic salt catalyst supplied as a liquid and is extremely useful as a fast-acting resin catalyst for melamines, glyoxals and other crosslinkable resins and finishes.

CATALYST SL CONC This material is a metallic zinc/organic acid emulsion catalyst, designed for use with silicone water repellent and has been found to be most efficient and effective in producing durable water repellency in silicone finishing.

CATALYST MCW This material is a magnesium chloride solution catalyst, designed for use with resins and a variety of finishing baths.

ECCO CROSSLINKER T-801-142 Aziridine crosslinker for waterborne acrylics and polyurethanes to promote faster curing and better water and chemical resistance.

ECCO CROSSLINKER AP-900 Waterborne blocked TDI isocyanate dispersion for crosslinking hydroxyl and amino groups. Use to give better wash durability to urethanes, fluorocarbon water repellents and soil releases etc.

ECCO CROSSLINKER AP-903 Same as AP-900 but with self consuming property to eliminate residual isocyanate that would combat water repelling properties.


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