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RAINOFF®-S – A silicone resin emulsion product, designed to impart durable water repellency when suitably applied and cured to various fabrics. The recommended CATALYST SC CONC to be used in the application of RAINOFF®-S.

RAINOFF® A 1800, A 2001 – A polymer based extender used in conjunction with RAINOFF® F-8 HI CONC and other fluoropolymer based water and oil repellents to provide more economical applications in water repellent work. It may be used alone at higher concentrations with a catalyst to obtain water repellency for table cloths, shower curtains and other applications.

RAINOFF® FC-6 an aqueous emulsion of a carbon 6 fluorocarbon for durable water/oil repellent finishes in all types of substrates. Rainoff FC-6 can provide excellent results even in applications where low temperature cure is necessary.

RAINOFF® FCX-6 an aqueous emulsion of a carbon 6 fluorocarbon combine with a crosslinker for aplications where enhanced durability is required.

.RAINOFF® FC-6000 - carbon 6 fluorocarbon aqueous emulsion with build in extender for applications were oil repellency is not of the upper most concern.

RAINOFF® FC-240 NEW - economical carbon 6 fluorocarbon aqueous emulsion for a variety of textile applications where cost is of paramount importance.

RAINOFF® SBF CONC a highly concentrated solvent borne carbon 8 fluoropolymer,  for water and oil repellentancy on leather, wood, masonry, coatings and other applications requiring a solvent borne fluoropolymer

RAINOFF® SBF-6 -  solvent born carbon 6 fluorocarbon emulsion alternative to SBF CONC


RAINOFF® SRL-1 – A durable to 30 launderings, fluoropolymer based oil release agent for cotton and cotton blends.

RAINOFF® SR-20 – is a economical copolymer based soil release agent and re-wetter for polyester..

RAINOFF® SR-K NEW A durable soil release agent for nylon and nylon/lycra blends. It is effective on grass stains as well as soil and foods.

 ECCO WICK D-75 When used with ECCO CROSSLINKER E02 is a durable wicking agent for all cellulosic and nylon fibers. When used with a binder it can be applied to polyester and polyoleofins

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