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LENOLUBE 109-AS Contains MINERAL oil. Anionic with some anti-stat. Used on highly tacity or crimped tow and staple. Especially effective an POLYESTER and blends.

Envelops fiber and eliminates trimmer

LENOLUBE 98 Contains MINERAL oil. Same as LENOLUBE I WAS with additional anti-stats. Very effective for ring spinning of POLYESTER and blends.
LENOLUBE 398 Contains MINERAL oil. Nonionic version of 100-AS and/or 98. Used on cationic T-64 DACRON.
LENOLUBE 89-MC Contains MINERAL oil. Same as LENOLUBE 100-AS with SDS type cohesion adds. Used where high machinery speeds create static. Recommended on POLYESTERS, acrylics and blends.
LENOLUBE 13OD-H NON-MINERAL oil. High anti-stat. For carpet yams and non-wovens.
LENOLUBE 1300-H MOD. NON-MINERAL oil. High anti-stat. Non-fogging for automotive carpet yam and non-wovens.
LENOLUBE 1300-G NON-MINERAL oil Similar to 1300-H with less anti-stat.
LENOLUBE PY NON-MINERAL oil. Concentrated version of 1300-H. Has 80% solids Use approx. 2/3 as much as 1300-H
LENOLUBE N-3086 NON-MINERAL oil. Nonionic, slicker than others with some cohesion. Good on 100% PHOSPHATED POLYESTER, POLY/RAYON and POLY/ COTTON. Best lubricant for open-end and air-jet spinning.
LENOLUBE N-3086 AS A higher anti-stat version on LENOLUBE N-3086.
LENOLUBE N-3086 MC Same as LENOLUBE N-3086 with added cohesion. A NON-MINERAL oil version of 89 MC.
LENOLUBE OC-3, OC-5-C All natural lubricants, anti-stats and cohesive agents for organic cotton.
LENOLUBE DFL-4 Match to GOULSTON'S A-24 - anti-stat, lubricant.

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Same as 200 SM with 20% additional anti-stat included; primarily used on Cotton System to reduce fly and shedding.
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