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ECCOWHITE 1132 MOD A High temperaturee stable optical brightner for EVA elastomers.

ECCOWHITE 2013 A versitile anionic optical brightener recommended for cellulosic and cellulosic blended fibers and fabrics, applied by exhaust or in finishing.

ECCOWHITE 2790 - A powdered optical brightener for solvent based coatings, inks, polymers and plastic applications.

ECCOWHITE 5261 - A highly concentrated versatile nonionic optical brightner, recommended for polyester, acetate fibers and nylon fibers.

ECCOWHITE AEA-HF - a nonionic optical brightener especially recommended for acetate and acetate blends with polyester fiber and fabric - bluish shade.

ECCOWHITE NYLON FW - A modified anionic optical brightener for polyamide fibers and fabric. It has a slightly blue/white shade.

ECCOWHITE OP (OP-10) - A versatile nonionic brightener recommended for polyester and acetate blends of fabric and fibers. Op-10 has a slightly violet/bluish shade.

ECCOWHITE PSO - Nonionic optical brightner recommended for polyester fibers and fabrics slight violet shade.

ECCOWHITE DM-04 MOD - An effective optical agent for brightening cotton, acrylic, and blends.

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