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METAGLO SUPER KS  MOD- A metallic print binder designed to give maximum softness to prints with high percentages of print coverage. This resin binders gives flexible, soft prints, still retaining brightness, durability to dry cleaning and semi durability to laundering. 

BLOCKOUT S - Printing assistants designed to block out the deep colors of the substrate and permit the pigment colors to excel in brightness and brilliance and not be reduced or changed by ground color. These blockouts also produce a soft, desirable hand to the fabric.

ECCO ADDITVE SFA-3500 100% active foaming agent and stabilizer for textile foam finishing and coating.

ECCO GLITTER MF - A ready to use, non-metallic gold glitter printing ink.

ECCO GLITTER NM A ready to use non-metallic silver glitter printing ink.

ECCO THICKENER U-6340 - Waterborne polyurethane based thickener.


ECCO ANTIWICK AG-1 - An auxiliary thickener used to prevent haloing of pigment prints, particularly on synthetic blend fabrics. Add 0.5-2.5% of this product to a made-up color should prevent haloing. Some increase in viscosity will occur when using higher concentrated colors.

ECCO AUXILIARY ALC - A truly remarkable product that prevents your color-cut from drying in screens. Reported use is from 2 5 % of the made up color.

ECCO CLEAR CONC OLH - Produces a remarkable all aqueous clear for pigment printing. A clear made with 2.5% ECCOBRITE CLEAR CONC OLH has a viscosity of 25,000 cps, enhanced by a sharp mark, higher than average color yield and a very soft hand after curing.

ECCO PENETRANT CC - Excellent aid to print color penetration, especially on cut and looped terry towel printing.

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