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ECCO CLEANER 930-CONC - Nonionic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly safe cleaner and scouring agent for synthetics, wool and process equipment.

ECCOSCOUR EF-312 CONC  - A biodegradable, nonionic detergent and scouring agent for both natural and synthetic fibers. The emulsification system is produced solely from derivatives of natural plant & animal products. ECCOSCOUR EF-312 CONC has a pleasant citrus smell and does not contain any petroleum or chlorinated solvents, alkyl phenols, phosphate, glycol ethers or other chemicals that are hazardous to the environment.

ECCOSCOUR WA312 CONC - A biodegradable, nonionic detergent and scouring agent. ECCOSCOUR WA312 CONC contains citrus oils and linear alcohol surfactants. It does not contain any petroleum or chlorinated solvents, alkyl phenols or phosphates. ECCOSCOUR WA312 CONC is a strong scouring agent with a pleasant citrus smell

ECCO CLEANER HR-LO - A highly concentrated, nonionic environmentally friendly cleaner for all textile equipment.

ECCOSCOUR WA-305 - A uniquely formulated wool scouring agent found to give extremely efficient scouring in removing natural greases, fats, oils providing very clean fiber or fabric. Also useful in scouring of synthetics and blends giving extremely low residuals after scouring.

ECCOSCOUR RC - A nonionic scouring agent for synthetics and blends showing excellent wetting properties together with outstanding cleaning and soil removal characteristics. Excellent for pre-dyeing and after dyeing scouring.

CELLAMINE LN CONC - An outstanding scouring agent and gas fade inhibitor for Lycra and spandex fabrics.

CELLAMINE OLN - An outstanding scouring agent coupled with an optical brightener designed for use on elasticized narrow fabrics to control the frequent discoloration caused by Lycra , spandex and rubber compounds.

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