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SOLON CONC - A high solids tetra-sodium EDTA chelating agent useful as a general chelation product in the control of a wide variety of ions which may interfere with various textile processing such as kier boiling, scouring and dyeing.

SOLON F CONC - This material is a compounded sequestering agent designed to complex a variety of interfering metallic ions, especially designed for the chelation of large amounts of iron.

SOLON FE SPECIAL - A sodium de-hydroxy-ethyl-glycine type material designed to specifically chelate high concentrations of ion under alkaline conditions.

SOLON FE EXTRA - This is a compounded mixture of organic chelating agents which we find to be extremely effective against iron, as well as exhibiting value in the general chelation of most other interfering ions. This material is especially useful in highly alkaline conditions and is economically advantageous for plant use.

SOLON AL - Special sequestering agent for aluminum, as well as, other metallic ions.
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