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ECCOFUL NMR - A highly concentrated fulling agent, nonionic in nature, providing good penetration and detergency in the fulling bath.

ECCOMUL T-85 An effective emulsifier for petroleum based oils and solvents.

ECCOTERGE 35-S - This material is the sodium salt of an alkaline alkyl aryl sulphonate. A highly effective anionic dispersant for direct dyeing promotes dye leveling and penetration. This synthetic detergent and surfactant serves as an emulsifier and detergent, exhibiting some wetting efficiency and re-wetting properties. Supplied at 25% and 35% concentrations.

ECCOTERGE 112 - A combination of ethoxylated alcohol and of solubilizes that are most effective in scouring fabrics after dyeing to give excellent finishing.

ECCOTERGE 200 - This material is a polyethoxylated fatty acid, extremely useful as an emulsifier and dispersing agent for solvents in aqueous systems. This ethoxylated material shows excellent solubility in a variety of aliphatic and aromatic solvents.

ECCOTERGE AO-15 - A anionic detergent based on natural fats.

ECCOTERGE ASB - This product is the amine salt of an alkyl aryl sulphonate found to be extremely useful as an emulsifier, detergent and surfactant. It is supplied at approximately 60% solids and is a light amber, viscous liquid.

ECCOTERGE EOX - A synthetic detergent and scouring agent, exhibiting good foaming and soil removal properties. This product is most useful in scouring natural fiber and processing oil from synthetic fibers.

ECCOTERGE MV CONC - This material is an anionic fatty amide condensate, approximately 98% active solids and is useful as a synthetic emulsifier and detergent.

ECCOTERGE NF-2 - Nonionic ethoxylated surfactant for general scouring before and after dyeing to provide fabrics ready for finishing.

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