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ACROSOFT CONC - A compounded amine functional silicone type softener noticeably effective with acrylic fibers to give unparalleled softening and durability.

ECCOSOFT 300-W - This material is a nonionic softener designed to produce satisfactory softening on cellulosics and blends of synthetics and cellulosic fibers. The outstanding feature of this softener is its tremendous resistance to yellowing under extreme conditions. This product is recommended for use with thermosetting resin finishes particularly where high-cure conditions are present

ECCOSOFT C-200 & C201 - These materials are substantive cationic, high solids fatty amide type softeners designed for softening of synthetic fibers, as well as cotton/synthetic blends. They are dispersible in water. They exhibit minimum yellowing under heat.

ECCOSOFT C-805 A most efficient cationic quaternary softener for synthetic fibers and fabrics. This substantive softener will exhaust with ease to give outstanding softness. May be incorporated into the dye bath or applied with final rinse.

ECCOSOFT PE9090 - A polyethylene softener particularly effective and useful in the narrow fabric field. It is compatible with most finishing baths and provides excellent needle lubrication in sewing..

ECCOSOFT PSS CONC - A highly concentrated siliconized polyethylene softener which greatly increases abrasion resistance. Use in conjunction with ECCO REZ M-907 or ECCO REZ U-2 to provide wash & wear finish for wool, rayon and blends.

ECCOSOFT S - A nonionic silicone softener for natural and synthetic fabrics.

ECCOSOFT CS-1605 - a nonionic, hydrophilic silicone emulsion softener, designed to give outstanding softness, fiber-to-fiber lubricity and a silk hand to terry cloth, cotton, cotton blends, acrylic, woolens and other synthetic and natural fibers.

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