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ECCOBLANC GW - This material is a titanium dioxide pigment dispersion, containing no whitening agent and no optical brighteners.  This product may be used in discharge printing provided some binding agent is incorporated; useful in both screen and roller printing.

ECCOBRITE WHITE FDX-7832 - A highly efficient titanium dioxide pigment white with binders present.  This white is useful in roller printing and rotary screens to provide economical prints.

 ECCOBRITE WHITE PL - A heavily loaded pigment white with superior hiding power and provides excellent wash fastness.

ECCOPAKE CLEAR BASE 801-148 - This is the water based un-pigmented equivalent of the ECCOPAKE WHITE.  It is used as is from the drum, but has been formulated to accept standard water based pigment inks such as our ECCOBRITE series of colors.  ECCOPAKE CLEAR BASE excels in printing color on white grounds, yielding sharp mark, soft hand, stretchability and superb fastness.

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