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ECCOSCOUR WA-305 - The industry standard for scouring wool and cleaning alpaca fibers. ECCOSCOUR WA-305 is especially effective for emulsifying lanolin and other greasy compounds. Very economical, it is strong enough for the greasiest wool, yet gentle enough for alpaca fibers. ECCOSCOUR WA_305 contains natural terpene citrus oils most useful in general scouring needs for removing oil and greases. Eccoscour cleaning compounds are highly concentrated and require only a tiny amount to get the job done successfully.

ECCOSCOUR GREENCLEANER DfE- is a scientifically formulated, biodegradable, concentrated nonionic detergent and scouring agent for natural and synthetic fibers. It is specially effective for the removal of lanolin raw wool plus dirty matter in alpaca fibers. ECCOSCOUR GREENCLEANER DfE does not contain any petroleum or chlorinated solvents, alkyl phenols, phosphates, or other chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. ECCOSCOUR GREENCLEANER DfE is made from products that have especially positive environmental characteristics and are easily biodegradable.

SYNTHOLUBE RT-8 - is a highly concentrated fiber lubricant and anti-static agent for wool, alpaca and blends. SYNTHOLUBE RT-8 is ideal as a combing and pre-carding lubricant. It contains no mineral oils, is non-yellowing, is biodegradable, and has no adverse affects on dye-ability.

LENOSPIN SDS-85  is a concentrated, nonionic cohesive agent derived from natural components designed for use in processing wool, mohair, alpaca and other natural fibers. This product is non-toxic, non-corrosive, is biodegradable and provides outstanding fiber-to-fiber cohesion. LENOSPIN SDS-85 is more often used in conjunction with the lubricant SYNTHOLUBE RT-8 so you can design any balance of cohesion or lubricity you desire. For example, coarse wool will require no SDS-85 while Alpaca usually needs a 50-50 blend of SDS-85 and RT-8

RAINOFF® S - is a silicone based water repellent that also acts as a beautiful slip agent or softener. RAINOFF® S is great to use with Alpaca as there is no natural water repellency like wool. In addition to giving outstanding water repellency durable to laundering, it will also improve the fabric hand, drape and softness..

ECCOSOFT C-20 - is a cationic fatty amide based softener which gives excellent softness and fullness of hand when applied to wool, alpaca and other natural fibers.

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